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About Yvonne Chideya

How Can Personal Training Help You Look, Feel And Perform At Your Best?

I’m Yvonne, and I’d love to help you achieve your health, fitness goals!

Training has always felt like a safe space. There is nothing like moving your body, whether through dancing, running or strength training that just shifts your energy, and makes you feel better.

When I was 15 years old I lost my dad and I coped with this by eating. By the time I was 16, I had put on so much weight I felt uncomfortable wearing certain clothes. Prior to that I had always been active and had a balanced diet. It took a Christmas picture to kick me into action. I joined my local gym and fell in love with weight lifting. As my confidence grew I joined the basketball team at school, I was the only girl at first and then other girls started turning up for practice. By the time I left school and went to university I was running regularly and joined the rugby team as well as practicing yoga and cheerleading.

I have since run numerous half marathons as well as become an avid Crossfitter.

As a coach I believe that moderation and balance are key. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness. Training should be a way of celebrating what your body can do. The aim is to move as much as you can daily, eat nutritious food, indulge occasionally, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, relax and have fun!

Why Personal Training With Me?

Watching someone become confident in themselves is why I love being a PT. I want to inspire people to live their best life. I want to help you find what works for you and have a lifestyle that you can sustain. Together we can find a happy balance, that makes you feel happy, healthy, fit, confident and energised.
I want someone to be able to say I became stronger physically and mentally because of your support or I feel more comfortable in my own skin because of your support. I want you to feel empowered and realise how strong and capable you are and how this in turn will have a positive effect on your whole life experience.

My Mobile Personal Training Services and Qualifications

I am a Qualified and Insured Level 3 Personal Trainer as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I am also TRX certified.
I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach as well as studying for my MNU Nutrition Certification.

I coach live group classes via Zoom, write coaching programmes as well as 1:1 PT session and Nutrition Coaching either via Zoom or face to face where I bring the gym to you! Combining proven training methods and nutritional coaching, you can achieve the weight loss results you want.

My programmes are tailored to you as an individual and I look at your lifestyle and work around that. I am your biggest cheerleader which means I am available via phone or email for motivation or if you have any queries. I will encourage you to check in regularly and let me know how your week is going. Your training sessions will always be fun and are adapted to fit your fitness level. We will incorporate HITT, boxing, running, weights, body weight exercises and a good mobility session. You will notice your fitness levels improving week after week.
Some of my clients like to keep a food diary as it helps them be more mindful with their nutrition. I believe in the 80/20 philosophy. Eat wholesome food 80% of the time but never feel guilty to have that piece of cake on a colleagues birthday. After all, life happens.

I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer as well as a Strength and conditioning coach with over 20 years personal experience in the fitness world as an athlete and a coach.

I have a personal background of strength training, playing basketball, rugby, cheerleading, running, boxing, yoga, pilates as well as Crossfit.

My Locations

I am an online as well as mobile Personal Trainer based in South Birmingham.

My Prices

I provide my personal training services at an average of £50 per session.

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I am committed to delivering outstanding personal training services. I travel to you to provide expert personal training services at home, outdoors or online and I'm passionate about supporting you to achieve your health and fitness goals.