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How Can Personal Training Help You Look, Feel And Perform At Your Best?

Hi, my name is Richard and I’ve been working in the leisure industry for 6 years. My main aim is to help you achieve your goals by improving your fitness, happiness and health. There are many benefits to exercising, it isn’t just about losing weight or building muscle, it will improve your body confidence and mental well-being too.

Most people’s biggest hurdle is understanding which exercises work well for their body and goals. This is where my expertise can help you learn more about your body and how to get the most out of it. Everyone’s body is different and therefore, reacts differently to fitness and nutrition. A lot of people struggle to implement a diet and a routine tailored for their body and goals that is sustainable. This is where the ‘personal’ aspect of personal training is vital. Let’s work together to build a plan to suit your lifestyle that will assess your pre-existing habits, set achievable short and long-term goals, and challenge your mind and body. We will use a variety of training methods to ensure our sessions are engaging, challenging and most importantly achieves your goals.

Why Personal Training With Me?

Back in 2010 when I was just 17 years of age I was quite a shy and timid character. I lacked body confidence which also had an impact on my social life and my mental state. I began my fitness journey when I stopped playing football and cricket and wanted to maintain my stamina but increase my strength to build confidence.
For the first year of exercising in the gym I didn’t really see the results I desired. This is what led me to have the drive to learn more and take it into my own hands. I enrolled onto a personal training course which lasted two years. During this time, I learned so much about the industry that I wouldn’t have known prior to doing the course. After completing the course, I started working in a gym to help people who had the same problem I did at the start. The feedback I got back from clients, knowing I had helped them, was a great feeling. The more I see improvement in clients, the more it drives me on to become the best trainer I can be. Although I am qualified and have been doing this now for a few years, I still learn new things every day from my clients, meaning we are both in this journey together.

My Mobile Personal Training Services and Qualifications

I offer mobile and online personal training sessions for people of all walks of life and all abilities. Whatever your fitness goals, I am here to help you every step of the way. Train with me either 1 on 1 or in a small group and let’s build your plan and train together. Achieve the weight loss goals you desire with nutritional advise and lifestyle coaching.

My Locations

I am a mobile personal trainer based in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. I can cover areas of Derbyshire and Leicestershire too.

My Prices

I provide my personal training services at an average of £30 per session.

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Contact me today and let’s chat about your goals and how we can achieve them one step at a time.

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I am committed to delivering outstanding personal training services. I travel to you to provide expert personal training services at home, outdoors or online and I'm passionate about supporting you to achieve your health and fitness goals.