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About Nick Haynes

How Can Personal Training Help You Look, Feel And Perform At Your Best?

I’m Nick, and I’d love to help you achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals!

I grew up as a farmer, where the culture has always been to help and support each other as a community no matter what. This would mean that whenever somebody was not able to perform a task or was in need of advice there was always somebody there to help. This is how my personal training works, we are a team as I will only be happy if I have managed to help you succeed. I want you to achieve your goals as much as you do!

I understand how hard it can improve your fitness, as this is something that I am constantly going through whilst training myself. I do this not only because I love it, but I also believe that I could not be there to support and encourage you, if I did not understand how you’re feeling and what you’re going through.

Focusing on strength training, functional movements and high intensity exercises, I have found that not only my clients have got closer to their goals, but they have also found that all sorts of day-to-day tasks become so much easier. Most of all, I aim to make the sessions fun for you, as if you are having fun, it will not feel like work!

Why Personal Training With Me?

I have always wanted a career, which was not desk based and could help people. That mixed with a huge passion for sport and fitness was the driving force behind my decision to become a personal trainer. I have a background in combining powerlifting with circuit training. Using this combined training method has meant that I have learnt how to increase strength whilst also increasing endurance; it is also great for when it comes to loosing weight.

I was training to join the military in 2014, however a lower back injury sadly meant that I was no longer eligible, so after a period of physio and a huge amount of training to recover, I decided that personal training was the route to go. It covered everything I wanted to achieve and meant that I may get the opportunity to help people like you build up strength, just like I had to whilst training and going through physio.

My Mobile Personal Training Services and Qualifications

I am a Qualified and Insured Level 3 Personal Trainer, travelling to all my clients to provide Mobile Personal Training at homes and local outdoor spaces.

Whether you want to train outside or in your own home, I bring the gym to you! Combining proven training methods and nutritional coaching, you can achieve the weight loss results you want. Train with me 1 on 1, or bring a friend along for some encouragement or healthy competition.

I have always been heavily into sports and fitness throughout school and university, regularly playing rugby, hockey, cricket and men’s lacrosse. I ended up playing Lacrosse for Devon as the pinnacle of my sporting career. I qualified as a personal trainer in June of 2014, as a level 3 personal trainer, and also included aspects such as High Intensity Training, Suspension Fitness and Boxing. I have been powerlifting combined with circuit training for about 2 years now, which has completely changed my idea of fitness. I now no longer strive for the beach body; instead I try and achieve a new personal best in everything I do. This is something I try to get my clients to do as well, because when you are strong, fit and healthy, looking good will naturally come.

I have also got qualifications in nutrition, which have helped me not only change the way I look at dieting, but has helped my clients achieve results which they had been really struggling at for a long time. This is by focusing on changing eating behaviors rather than just cutting out individual foods, I also make sure that I explain why everything is been done so that you can understand, and take an active interest in improving your diet.

My Locations

I am a mobile Personal Trainer based in South West London, able to cover Fulham, Battersea, Clapham, Chelsea, Wandsworth, Putney Brixton and Balham.

My Prices

I provide my personal training services at an average of £50 per session.

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