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Personal training Hammersmith has changed! We can train you at home, workplace or even outdoors at a time that suits you. We can train you before work, energising you for the day, into your lunch hour to make the most of your time or even in the afternoon to de-stress. We know how busy you can be, that’s why we’re able to bring fitness to you, at any time.

Personal Training in Hammersmith

There’s no better time to start losing weight and feeling great! This month there is a free consultation – so you can get an idea of the skills of your expert trainer and go over your goals. Thankfully, our personal trainers are experts. They know exactly how to train and how to fuel you while doing so. They’ll make you feel comfortable, while having fun. So much fun that you’ll be passionate about fitness and be inspired for life.

There are many different wonderful places in Hammersmith to train. These include places like St Paul’s Green, they’re beautiful locations that can really energise and make you feel healthy and happy. There’s no better place to get fit!

Our personal training sessions in Hammersmith are extremely competitively priced. We know you’ll love getting fit and healthy with us, so this month we’re also offering 30% off of your first personal training package. Getting fit has never been so easy! Nutrition and training plans will be created by our qualified, skilled trainers to meet your exact requirements. They’ve taken many people from step 1 all the way to their goal – from weight loss to weight lost! They can do it for you too, at a time and place that’s convenient for you. We want you to be comfortable during our sessions, and we want to show you how fun fitness can be!

Our personal trainers' testimonials...

I always hated the gym, so when my Trainer suggested we try exercising in my flat I was keen to give it a go even though I had no equipment and very little space. I am always surprised at the exercise options we have given such limited resources. I’ve lost 2 stone in three months and have dropped from a size 16 to a size 10. I’ve even found the confidence to join a gym but nothing beats the workouts I have with my trainer”
- Amanda Whitmore

Please be aware that results from personal training can vary for each individual and there is no guarantee of specific results.