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One 2 Two / Small Group Training

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Want to train with a friend?

Our Small Group Personal Training is perfect for those who want the benefits of having a personal trainer but at the shared cost of training in groups of 2 or more people.

Our flexible approach to personal training means you can share the personal training experience and professional support with a partner, friend, family member or colleague.

Benefits of one 2 two / small group personal training:

  1. Exercise becomes more social and fun.
  2. Train with people with similar goals and fitness levels
  3. Share the benefits and the cost!

So if you are looking for a more intimate training experience than large boot camps, where you get personalised attention, then one 2 two or Small Group Personal Training could be for you!

Our personal trainer's testimonials...

"We (my husband and I) have been personal training since November 2008. We really look forward to our training sessions. Our personal trainer works us very hard but makes it very enjoyable and all through each session he is giving us advice about exercise and nutrition which has been very effective!"
- Dot Murray

Please be aware that results from personal training can vary for each individual and there is no guarantee of specific results.