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13th Sep 2016

Z cars

Z cars was an old TV series - a crime drama
There are lots of them on TV now too

There is a standard format to these things often:

Crime happens
Cops get involved
Crime is solved with the build up of evidence during the show
Sometimes the police pick up the wrong person
Go down a blind alley
But eventually justice is done

Could this be a metaphor for life, diet and fitness?

But like watching all 21 subtitled episodes of 'The Killng'
eventually it will come right!

Getting Zzzzzzzzs

We have a heatwave right now and I'm finding it tricky to sleep as I'm
just too hot!

But usually I'm in bed by around 10
No TV, no ipad or computer
No distractions
Just a dark room and a comfortable bed
We even had shutters fitted as the sunrise kept waking us up

I get up between 05:30 and 08:00 and I'm usually refreshed and able to
get on with my day with ease and energy once I'm up.

I'm not bragging (it's not always perfect either)
I'm trying to say that if you get to bed early enough then
you CAN get up early and not be worn out.

You can also recover properly from your training
And the reduced stress on your body will help to ensure
that you burn fat, not store it around your body.

Get a proper nights sleep as often as you can

 Zebra (and tiger) print leggings

Nike have a great range of gym wear
Expensive true
Good designs and colours (as in the title) too
Fit for purpose as well

But what you wear in the gym is your choice
As long as it covers what needs to be covered,
you can move easily
and it's comfortable - including keeping cool
its' your choice

And remember it's not a fashion parade
it's a workout
By all means match your kit
or buy some great prints
but focus first on what it's being used for.