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Y for Mistress

13th Sep 2016


For relaxation
For stretching
For focussing the mind...

Yoga is ideal.

There are many types of Yoga for you to try, some slow and flowing, some fast paced and energetic. There's a Yoga for you, there's a Yoga for all!


This is hashtag I had to look up a little while ago
I'm not really 'down with the kids'!

For those, like me, not in the know
It means...
You only live once

The idea being that you should grasp opportunities when they present themselves.
Don't waste time worrying
Time will pass anyway
Just get on and do it

Don't wait 'til tomorrow to start the diet,
exercise programme

Do it now
you only live once
don't let time pass you by.


Your workout
Your eating regime
Your goals

It must be for you
Or you won't stick to it

It must be for you
Or you won't make time for it

It must be for you
Or it won't help you reach YOUR goals

It's necessary to be a little selfish when you plan your training and diet.
Whilst caring about others is good
Don't just use them as an excuse not to follow your plans
Reach your goals
Plan them time and you time as well