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13th Sep 2016

X-press yourself (originally published 4/7)

Happy 4th July!
OK, so maybe I shouldn't celebrate the loss of a colony
But is was a long time ago
And we're all friends again now!

There will be a lot of US citizens in the UK
who will be taking the day off to celebrate today.
To express their delight and over indulge...

How do you express your 'wins in life'
With food?
With alcohol?

Could this be the reason you're not achieving your fitness goals?
Is one set of wins causing losers elsewhere?

Take care how you express yourself...
Make sure it's not also expanding yourself!!!


I know
I'm cheating this week with my 'x's

But back to eXercise
For general health the government guidelines state
that we should be active, raise our heart rates to a point
where we are a little out of breath and feel warm,
5-7 times per week for around 30 mins. Those 30 mins
can be split up over the day if you can't manage them all
at once.

Do you do that?
Think carefuly...
Many don't

If you're not getting even this level of exercises try:
Walking up the stairs rather than using the lift at work
Get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way
Park as far away as possible at the shops
Go for a walk in the park or around the streets at the weekend

It's not too difficult to add some exercise to your day
But it can take a litte bit of thought
Think now, stay fitter for longer.


I'm really cheating now!
This is a new composite word...
Exercise to energise

This came to mind twice yesterday
Once at a talk I was giving
Then again at home talking to my hubby

The folks I was talking to asked about
exercises to energise their group
Hubby talked about feeling tired when leaving work
then feeling lively and energised once he started to cycle home

Exercising when you think you feel tired can be the best thing
It can wake you up
Release the 'happy hormone' endorphines
Get your blood circulating and lift your mood

And if after you've tried to exercise for 5 mins you don't feel
Then you must really be tired
So go home and sleep!