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01st Aug 2016

Walk the walk

My littlest sister, Hazel has completed an event with this name
It's a charity marathon, in London, performed over night
It's a walk but even a walk of 26.2 miles is hard work
It's 26.2 miles afterall!

Walking, although not necessarily of this distance
is a great exercise, one that many can do with little equpiment needed!

Walking provides a low impact cardio-vascular workout
Most of us can do this
(You don't need to run to get fitter)
Walking is a great start to your fitness journey

 Weights and measures

 Do you use the scales to monitor your weight-loss?
OK - so you're looking just at weight
But there can be other ways of looking at increased fitness
And fat loss

Key circumference measurements such as:
Thigh and

You might not be losing weight but by working out and/or eating right you
may be tightening up these measurements.

Don't just worry about the scales.
Use the tape too.
And don't weigh or measure too often
Keep it to once a week
As daily fluctutations happen!

Wafer thin mint

If you're not sure what I'm referring to
Look for Mr Creosote on youtube...

But how many of us, when offered a small morsel
despite being full, eat it anyway...it's only a...afterall

Do you have to have dessert?
Do you need a starter?
Or do you just fancy it?

If you eat more slowly you may find that you are full earlier
than you previously thought. The stomach is a bit slow to tell
the brain this news you see.

Enjoy each mouthful, savour it and save yourself from feeling
bloated and full later. And, of course, putting on weight!
(Or exploding!)