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V for Las Vegas

01st Aug 2016

In order to challenge my clients I often vary their workouts
New exercises
New equipment
New combinations
New moves

But even one exercise can be changed itself
to make it easier or harder or more interesting

The 3 key variables to play with are

Range of movement - how far/the angles you move the weight or body part
Repetitions - the number of times you complete the movement
Weight used - the obvious one!

So, I can spend a whole session on one exercise alone
changing each variable to make it harder or easier
practising technique
perfecting the move
If that's what's needed of course!

But most people want variety
And PT's are good at coming up with ideas and exercises to challenge.

So, if you're bored with your workout go find your local PT
The can stir up the variables and make things interesting for you!
They will challenge your muscles and mind and help you improve.

Vastus Medialus Obliques

It's a real mouthful!
And it's a muscle in the top of the leg
Part of the quadriceps (front of leg)

But it's not really the point of the post
It's just a way to get a 'V'

This post is about knees
Or those of us who have been told not to run
due to knee pain

This muscle MAY be one of the reasons for some of us
You see mine are a bit weak
And that means that my kneecaps get pulled across
to the other side of my knee by the stronger muscles on the other side

But instead of giving up running, I just need to keep the muscles

So, is there something that is stopping you from working out?
An imbalance somewhere in your body?
It may be fixable
Don't just give up
Or necessarily let your GP tell you to give up
Unless they are a sport expert
Get a second opinion of you want to be certain


If I remember correctly
Velocity is speed in a given direction
(I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!)

How fast are you progressing?
Are you happy with that speed?
What direction are you going?
Is that the direction you want?

As trainers we could be referred to as velocity controllers...
We can help with speed and direction

If you've stalled
Or you're stuck in a jam
You know who to call!



Did you do your 'democratic duty' yesterday?
I don't really need to know!

But when you talk about doing your duty
do you also realise your duty to your body?

If you ran your car like you run your body
would you expect to get it fixed for free?
Would you abuse it so much?
How long would you expect it to last?

How much more can you do to keep your 'engine'
and 'bodywork' in tip-top condition?

Think what you can do first before you run to the
NHS garage for a service!

Look after your own self first!