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U for mism

28th Jul 2016


Struggling for 'U' based posts this week
(What will it be like at Z and X?!)

But an exhibition we saw at the weekend has helped, today at least...
It was called 'Undressed' and was a historical trip through the development and styles of men's but mostly women's underwear.

How on earth is that about health and fitness you say?

The wrong undies can damage your performances
From too tight items that cut in and chafe (ouch!)
To the too loose 'let it all hang out' clothing faux pas
Even the wrong colour can detract from what you're meant to be focussing on
(Did you see the mens' cycling team that chose white for their shorts or the womens' that had a pink shorts area? *shiggle* (That's a shudder and giggle together!)

Mostly though I'm thinking rubbing and chafing (especially when running).
So chose comfortable items close to the skin, train in them if you're planning a competition in them and look in the mirror to check it's not obscene before you set out!

Got an event coming up?
Are you ready?

I have despaired of people I've met at races who have not been prepared  for the distance that thay are completing. There are also the brides that contact PT's with only a few weeks (or one I heard of, a week!) before their weddings, wishing to lose weight for the 'Big Day'

These things are not surprises, they haven't happened all of a sudden.
The people concerned had time to prepare
But did not
Whilst their underppreparation may not have spoiled the day
better preparation may have improved it

Remember to be like a scout or guide
'Be Prepared'

And if you need our help - ask well in advance
We're good, but we can't work miracles

Many of us do this to ourselves
Underestimate our capabilites

Our trainers don't
If you really want to achieve more
Grow stronger
Run longer

A coach or trainer may be the thing to spur you on

Even us - I only get he best out of my sessions when working with someone who will push me and not let me wimp out!

On my run yesterday  I had an 'out of body experience'
I didn't quite feel that my legs were being told what to do by my brain!

It felt very odd but I forced myslef to keep going for a few more mins
I know exactly why I felt a bit weird
I hadn't eaten enough prior to my run

I was undernourished
I 'bonked' as the cyclists call it
I 'hit the wall' as runner call it
I just plain ran out of steam

So the moral of this story is - make usre you fuel properly
to get the best out of your training