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S far as you go

25th Jul 2016
It's S week!

Stamina first - to get through the week...we need it
Although less this week as it's only a 4 day one after the Bank Holiday!!!

Stamina - or Endurance 'is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. It is usually used in aerobic or anaerobic exercise. The definition of 'long' varies according to the type of exertion – minutes for high intensity anaerobic exercise, hours or days for low intensity aerobic exercise. Training for endurance can have a negative impact on the ability to exert strength unless an individual also undertakes resistance training to counteract this effect.'

That's according to Wikipedia.

Stamina in fitness needs to be built up - we don't often have it from the start. If you take up running don't expect to t be able to run a marathon straight away. It takes months to get to that point - at least.

And as it says in that reference - endurance and strength don't always go together in training. Tomorrow we'll be looking at strength.

Today though - remember that stamina will need to be built up over time,
Don't rush it.
Take it easy
Take it slow
Build it up gradually.

Strength today!
Simply the ability to lift heavier and heavier weights
Like endurance we don't have it from day 1
We need to build up

If you're new to weight training make sure you check that they way you are lifting/using machinery is safe and effective  - work with your local trainer!

At the beginning of a strength building journey you may only need or be able to perform one set (a group of reps). The number of reps (repetitions or the number of times you make the lift/do the exercise) should be around 10-12 when you start out. Choose a weight that you will find tricky to lift for the last 1 or 2 reps.

Keep a note of which exercises you do, how much and how often and how many times you lift the weight or use the machine. Once you can perform 12 reps with relative ease, add a set or increase the weight. There are lots of ways to make your body work harder and grow even stronger!

I'm used to weight training and my current programme has 15-20 reps in each of my 4 sets. Week by week I can feel the strength gains and have been increasing my weights. I prefer free weights  to machine but it depends what your gym has and how comfortable/able you feel to use them that helps build your confidence with your strength.