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R for Mo

25th Jul 2016


Like the hydration message,
I keep repeating this one

Rest is important
As important as your training
You need it to allow the muscles to repair
To grow
To respond to your training load

But  I do mean planned
or necessary
Not just

Plan it in or listen to your body
It's not rest if you don't train
It's being lazy!


I define myself as a runner
Not very fast
But a runner and a marathon runner at that

I started running as a cheap way to keep fit when I couldn't afford to join a gym. The habit stuck - although I now have expensive gadgets to help me too!

Running is natural but not always easy
Running is simple but not always fun
Running can be cheap

There are free/cheap groups and clubs and free events (Parkrun) all over the UK.

Looking for a cheap fitness hobby? RUN!