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Q for the bus

19th Jul 2016

My husband has 'chicken legs'
He cycles a lot
His quads - the upper front of the leg
Are, therefore, well developed

Other exercises that develop strong quads are:

This (set of 4 - hence Quad) muscles extend the knee and help in walking running and jumping.

I'm teaching this week
Performance Management
The class were completing some questions earlier
There was a lot of sighing and calculator bashing

There was then a throwing up of hands
And a giving up!

They still had time to complete the question but one student had just given up.
There was still time
The question wasn't going anywhere
But he gave up

Does he remind you of you?
I hope not!

It's never to late to start
Or start again

Don't quit - EVER!

Hydration again?
Oh yeah!

It's THAT important
You can survive a week with no food but only a few days without water.

Feel hungry - try a glass of water before yur reach for food, it could be thirst.
Trouble sleeping - you could be underhydrated
Feeling tired - try water before coffee
Retaining 'food waste' - take in more water!

Eat, drink (water) and be merry!