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O for the rainbow

05th Jul 2016

Osteoporosis - literally porous bones but brittle gets the message across I hope.

This condition results in a loss of bone strength and increased likelihood of fractures especially of the wrist, hips and spine. It happens to both sexes but is more likely in women due to both smaller bones, longer lives (more time for breaks to occur) and reduction in oestrogen after the menopause.

So, why is a fitness company talking about a medical condition?

Because there are some factors that you have control of, and we can help with, that will reduce your risks.

A diet - rich in calcium and Vitamin D can help build and maintain bones, cutting out fizzy drinks and lowering your alcohol intake as well as giving up smoking can all contribute here.

Load bearing exercise - bones will build and strengthen in response to loads applied (so get lifting ladies!)

Want help?
You know the drill!

On a yard!
This one is in honour of my long time colleague Jim
His original blog on realbuzz.com was called 'On a yard' and this is his 'battle cry' when completing races (marathons and further).

So why would I be talking about someone elses blog?
Well, reading others postings (like this one) can inspire and motivate you
Jim's certainly does!

He's recently run the marathon in under 4 hours - a time he has been aiming at in the last few races. Well done Jim.

If you want to read about his efforts or any other runners why not google for Real Buzz or Fetcheveryone (where I keep my running training and notes). The 2017 London Marathon ballot opens on Monday...be inspired...(*based on the date of posting - April 2016)

Speaking Obliquely
Or talking about obliques that is
The sets of muscles on the sides of the torso near the waist
They help to twist the torso, one set on each side help the alternate movements

When these muscles are developed (and not covered in a layer of fat) they cinch in your waist like a corset. The opposite is the less attractive 'love handles' look.

To help strengthen them try side bends and twists holding a medicine ball. And lots of reps of 'put the pizza down'!