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N for lope

04th Jul 2016

Remember those macro nutrients and micro nutrients we mentioned last week (M week!)?

Well some foods are full of them
And some foods aren't
Some are just 'empty calories' that they body can't use
Like alcohol...

Nutrient dense foods are easy to spot
They are the unprocessed ones, these that can be picked, pulled or caught.

Real food
Not proceseed, packaged food
Food that has it's own built in colours, not just coloured packaing.

Optimal health leads from nutritent dense foods in the right quantities.

It was abut quiet last week again wasn't it?!
So, some of the 'N's I had planned for last week are now here!

Cashews, brazils, almonds etc

I love 'em!
But you might be avoiding them due to their high fat content?

These are 'good fats'
So grab your nuts!!!
Well, grab a handful
Don't go too mad
As they are high in calories from that fat so can easily add up to a large intake

Eat them
In moderation
Sprinkle crushed or chopped nuts on salads and thick soups

Never give up!
OK, so I was struggling for an N
But I didn't give up
I improvised!

As my fellow IF trainer Tony posted yesterday
Progress is still progress
No matter how small

So never give up
Even if you can see the progress
You're trying
You're learning
You're developing

Giving up is always an option of course
But how would you feel if you did?
When you look back?

Nil return on calorie investment

So your enjoy one or all of them?
Make sure that you do...enjoy that is
Don't just eat for eatings sake or because the person who gave it to you will be offended
(What are you? Five?!?!)

When you do go 'off plan' and have that treat choose it wisely
A treat you don't enjoy is a treat wasted - calories for no return

And remember, it is a treat not a regular happening
Keep it real but keep it enjoyable
Or don't keep it at all