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30th Jun 2016

Legs (and bum!)
Full of big muscles
Great areas to train to burn fat
To release growth hormone everywhere

Friends don't let friends forget leg day - as the saying goes
Working the legs will even help build the arms, via that growth hormone
The bits the big lads like to work for those summer guns!

Legs can be easy to exercise
With weights
Without weights
So many variations!

GO do legs!

Heard of macular degeneration?
It oftens comes with age
Your central vision begins to fail

But you may be able to reduce the effects by insuring that you don't have low levels of lutein - it's concentrated in the macula in the eye and trials suggest it may help.

And guess what?
You can get from Kale and other greens.
Kale again!!!!
Told you these greens were good for you!

Light up, light up
I'm currently up at my parents house in Halifax.
On a hill
In the middle of nowwhere
The Tour De France when past when it was in Yorkshire

I went running the other evening as the sun was setting
All dressed in yellow and reflective stuff
With a headlamp
As there's no pavement/path here

I also made sure to run on the same side of the road as
the oncoming traffic
Sounds scary?

Always walk or run so that you can see whats coming
And get away from it if needed

Never run in the same direction as the cars
when there's only road to run on

Stay safe out there folks!

I don't take sugar in my tea
I used to as a kid
But not for years

I do like sweet things mind you!

So if I fancy a sweet something
I combine my love of peppermint with licquorice
in a cup fo peppermint and licqurice herbal cuppa

It tastes really sweet and can stop a sweet craving in it's tracks
It doesn't really taste like licquorice sweets or root
just imparts a sweet taste to the tea!

Try it!