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K for restaurant

30th Jun 2016

No, it's not a typo (this time!).
Kelp not help.

Seaweed, yes, seaweed!

It's harvested, allowed ro dry and usually powdered for supplement use. It's also a great renewable food source as it grow back very quickly.

Kelp contains lots of trace minerals including iodine for thyrod regulation. It's easy to add to your diet - whenever a recipe asks for salt used powdered Kelp! Or you can simply take it in capsule/tablet form. (Kelp supplement)

We often think of winter as being a time where there is less fresh food around.
The harvet time has been and gone.
The autumn fruits are dwindling...

But winter is a time of green plenty with many green veg crops growing well into Winter and some, incuding Kale and Sprouts tasting better after they have been hit with a hard frost.

Kale and many green laeafy veggies contain some really healthy compounds. 'Eat your greens' may be a childs worst nightmare but they are good for you.

Kale is also very versatile, it can be boiled or steamed, dehydrated to make crisp like snacks and even eaten raw if you like it that way! I also have a green food supplement that I can add to water if I feel I've not been able to have enough of the real stuff when I'm busy working away.

Vitamin K...heard of it?
You'd know if you were short of it!

Luckily deficencies are rare as this vitamin is vital for (amongst other processes) blood clotting and bone strength.

Where would you get it from?
The green leafy veggies we talked about a few days ago!
So KEEP eating those greens folks!