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J for Oranges

28th Mar 2016

Jaw, jaw, jaw

What muscles would you not exercise when you want to lose weight?

The muscles around your jaw of course!

J for Jaw it is!

If you eat too many calories and from the wrong sources you WILL get fat. Losing weight is 80% food and only 20% exercise. Hence very large people can lose weight without moving too much more to begin with.

Eat less, move more is often touted as the way forward. Lets take it one step at a time - start by eating less and eating the right stuff. Good quality protein some fats and natural/unprocessed carbohydrates.

Michelle 'keep it shut' Day

Now I love a G&T before a dinner out and about
But I'm careful how much I drink as it doesn't help my fitness, weight-control or 'female issues'!

Some of my pals and I have tried several different gins and compared flavours (what little flavour the spirit has that is).

But what all real gins have in common is (or should be) Juniper.

Today is J for Juniper

Not just for gin but also good for insulin production hence could be useful if you're a diabetic. The berries can also be chewed to help inflammed or infected gums and oils in them clear uric acid from the body reducing gout symptoms.

You can also use them in cooking, crushed and added to meat or added to salt and garlic the add extra flavour to green veggies.

Michelle 'off to find a juniper tree' Day  
 My name is Michelle and I'm a runner!

I don't run fast so you might call me a jogger.

J is for Jogger

Running or jogging is easy to do, you don't need much equipment and you can do it almost anywhere. But don't expect to lose lots of weight by just doing this unless you are really inactive right now.

Running and racing can be fun - the anticipation on the start line, the struggle and comradeship on the course, the medals and goodie bags at the end.

There are lots of clubs and social groups to join if you don't want to go out on your own. Just be careful not to overeat when you get home..!

Michelle 'drinking club with a running problem or vice versa' Day

Bottle jar, jar bottle

I think I stole this one from an old Tommy Cooper sketch...

J for Jar it is!

The jar is for lunch, your lunch. Or at least the contents are.
A Mason or Kilner jar can be a great container for your packed lunch for work.
There are lots of examples on the intermet - here's a link to a good article:


Be creative!

Michelle 'Jar-Jar' Day 
Jump is for Jump! (Boing! Boing!) today

Jumping or Plyometric exercises are great for developing power in your lower limbs. The explosive jumping or dropping onto a surface can help to build speed. A combination of bending and stretching in one fast move.

But - don't try this every session, your body won't stand for it!
Do - warm up first with smaller/gentler movements
Do - have a bit of fun with bunny hops or tuck jumps for a change!

Michelle 'Zebedee' Day