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28th Mar 2016


What works for you might not work for others and vice versa!
You can't assume that yoiu will get the same results by using hte same place as your mates.

Realise that you are different - even if only in a small way.
Train and
For you.

Want help finding the right plan for you?
You know where to find us!


It used to be applied to small wounds as an antisecptic but not so much now!

However, we still need it in small amounts in our bodies. It's good for maintaining thyroid function and hence metabolism.

Best food sources? Seaweed, seadfood, eggs, you can also buy iodized salt.

Seaweed is one of my favourite snacks - little squares of Nori available at the Chinese supermarkets and in the health food sections of large supoermarkets and in healthfood stores. It may be a little different from the more common crisps but is high in protein and fibre - go, on...go try some!

Michelle 'mermaid' Day


With a bit of practise I can say it - Iliopsoas.

That's our word, or should I say muscle for today! Or should I say two muscles as it's actaully the refers to the combination of the psoas major and the iliacus at their inferior ends. These muscles are distinct in the abdomen, but usually indistinguishable in the thigh. As such, they are usually given the common name "iliopsoas" and are referred to as the "dorsal hip


Apologies for the lateness of Friday's email - when I was free the mailchimp server was down and vice versa!!!

So - I just invested in me!

I bought a new pair of shoes for the gym.
Lifitng shoes
To improve my squats
They weren't cheap for something that will get used for one thing only
But they weren't Jimmy Choo prices!

Why is this an investment rather than just a purchase?
It will help me lift better and in doing so improve my fitness.

Don't see money spent on fitness and health (including good food) as a cost, change your thinking and realise that it is an investment in your life. Time spent working on you is not time wasted or something to fit in when you can or a chore. It's time invested too.

Not sure what/how to invest in you?
Come and see us - your fitness investment advisors!

Michelle '30 min investment in running ocmig up next 'Day