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G For Get It

02nd Mar 2016

It all went a bit 'Pete Tong' this week (or two) and I almost did ForGetIt!

Our first 'G' is Ghrelin - pronounced GREL-in.

This is the hunger hormone. When your stomach is empty it's secreted and when your stomach stretches secretion is stopped.

It also plays a part in energy distribution and rate of use by regulatng the amounts sent to fat or glucose storage or to muscles to allow them to work.

Ghrelin production is actually lower in people with more fat stores (except in the case of rare medical conditions) so no - your hormones are not making you fat in this case!

A week and a bit later I started again...

Good Morning again folks and apologies. I've been a little remiss on the daily email front.
TBH I was struggling to find good posts for 'G' and them there was a big pile of
work related stress and I sort of gave up on the emails.

Sorry, you didn't deserve that.
But I'm back now.

So what is todays 'G'?

It's is G for 'Good Morning'. A good morning will tend to follow a good nights sleep. Whilst we all need different amounts of sleep it's best for almost everyone to get to bed by 10 or 10:30.

Switch off your iphone, TV, radio and relax, put down your book/Kindle.
Thick curtains or blinds will help shut out any excess light.
Writing down your thoughts before sleeping may help to clear your busy mind.

Lack of sleep can be linked to obesity and depression amongst other ills - get good sleep and have a Good Morning!

Food guilt?
And no help whatsoever to your fitness and diet efforts.

There are two other choices:
1. Don't eat/do it in the first place - no guilt
2. Do it and don't worry - no guilt

Feelings of guilt will only maked you stressed, raise your cortisol levels and hold onto more fat!