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E for Adam

06th Feb 2016

E for Adam

Now in our fifth week our A-Z of fitness and wellbeing

Vitamin E

You'll see a lot of moisturising creams shouitng about their contents - Vit E being one of them often.

It's for it's anitoxidant properties - it reduces cell damage.
What else can it help with?
A healthy immune system
Circulation and heart
Lipid (fat) balance
and fertility
are amongst the effects

Vitamin E rich foods are sunflower seeds and oil, safflower, sesame, peanut, and olive oil, also spinach, salmon, oatmeal and wheatgerm, and carrots.

Porridge with seeds on for me then!


Edamame beans  - I love them
These immature soy beans, are popular in Japan and available here in Japanese restaurants and, increasingly in the frozen section of supermarkets.

The can be eaten fresh (if you can get them, I tried growing them in my garden - the slugs liked them a bit too much!), as well as steamed, boiled or microwaved in the pods.

These little pods pack a great nutritional punch containing protein, fibre, folate, manganese, phosphorus and Vitamin K. Try them with a sprinkling of sea salt or chilli as a starter or as a side dish.

E is for Erector Spinae
The muscle group that runs up the spine and helps you to stand up straight, return upright after bending forward or to bend over backwards.
To help prevent back pain or injury these muscles can be workd and developed using:
Back extensions
And (my favourite for lots of reasons) deadlifts
Go on, put your back into it!!
 E is for endurance today, the long run, haul, the whole 9 yards, going the distance...

But what is it?
And how do you train for it?

Well, if you're running 5Ks an endurance session would be anything longer than that - say 8, 10, 42K! If you lift one weight once only endurance would be lifting it a few more times. If you can hold a plank for 20 seconds then a longer hold will be it.

It's all relative. Marathoner's may consider a marathon simple to complete but and an ultra-run (anything over a marathon) to be much harder. Endurance is as much in the mind as the muscles. We need to believe that we can go further, lift one more time, hold on a little while longer.

To train to do this you need to gradually increase you distance, lifts or time. Don't try too much too soon. Do push yourself a little each time, improvements come from stretching yourself.

Michelle 'with you for the long haul' Day