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D for ential

31st Jan 2016

Week 4, here we come!

Time to be strict...
No, not to be a dominatrix (although that does begin with a D of course!)

It's 'Stricly Come Dancing' - Dancing is the D here.

It's not always thought of as exercise but it can get you as out of breath and help you work up a sweat too.

Whether it's Zumba, Clubercise, Swing, ballroom or even 'shaking your booty' to your own record collection, if you like to dance this could be your way to a fitter lifestyle.

Enjoy the dance, (The closest I get is a bit of Boxercise!)

Muscle time...
The deltoid muscle is named, due to it's shape, after the greek letter Delta, both are triangular.

So, this D is for deltoids.

On the top of the shoulder sitting like a 1980's fashion statement - we loved our shoulder pads in the eighties we did!

This muscle helps in the movement of the arm away from the body and both forwards and back. It's pretty useful then so how can we exercise it?

Lateral raises
Shoulder press
Reverse flys

These are a few useful ones, look them up, perform them safely, or ask you local trainer:


A bit fat juicy semi-dried Mejdool date that is, not a night out with me!

Date palms are the oldest cultivated trees and and are high in potassium (assisitng with proper muscle contraction) and fibre. They are also high in sugar but these are released more slowly than some fruits. Just don't eat too many!

Most dates we get in the UK are dried or semi-dried but the fruits can be eaten fresh too. I love a date stuffed with a teaspoon of peanut butter as a post workout snack.

Make a date with dates!

D is for...
It's DIET.

The word now only seems to apply to slimming diets but it's full and orignal meaning is:

'The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats'

It's a simple as that - what you usually eat. So what do you usually eat?

Or are you always 'slimming'?

If that's the case you will need to run a calorie deficit of 3,500 per week to to lose a pound. That's 500 less than your suggested intake per day.

However, if you have too little food very regularly the first thing that will happen is that your body will recognise it's being 'starved' and go into a self preservation mode and start using less calories to live, storing some away as fat for later use when you're really hungry.

So, you don't lose weight and you get fed up and you go back to normal eating but your body is still wary of the starvation issue and still stores fat and you put more weight on. Sound familiar?

When calorie restricting your diet it's a fine line between losing weight and causing problems to your body so don't expect or try to achieve to much too soon. Take it slowly and follow advice - MyFitnessPal will work out a good calorie average for you based on your goals - or your local trainer could help you!

Need advice?
You know where we are!

This weeks info-mails were brought to you by the letter D.
In keeping with previous weeks we'll begin with a vitamin.

Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium (for strong teeth and bones!) effectively. Without enough Vit D your bones will be soft. Just google 'rickets' a disease which was almost eradicated in the UK but has been making a comeback recently.

Fear and Xboxes!

You see we synthesise Vit D in our skins on exposure to the sun and modern day kids just don't get much sun, they stay in and play games or are kept in by their parents. Oily fish and eggs are also good sources of vitamin D and given that D is a fat soluble vitamin it can't help but have some of those in your diet anyway!

Don't fear the outdoors but take care not to burn in strong sunlight.