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C for yourself

26th Jan 2016

Yes, today it's Vitamin C!

The illness caused by a deficiency being scurvy! Humans are some of the few animal that can't make their own Vitamin C. We need to eat food rich in Vit C to sythesise collagen ( to create cell walls) and absorb iron.

Citrus fruit contains a large amount of this vitamin as most of us know but other fruits and veggies also have it. Don't over heat or process them however, as this chemical is destroyed by heat.

Well OK, it's not but the stress hormone begins with a 'c' - Cortisol

No, hold on, it's not all bad news, I'll start again...
  • Insulin release for blood sugar maintanence
  • Immune function
Normally, it’s present in the body at higher levels in the morning, and at its lowest at night, it gets you up in the morning.

It has been called “the stress hormone” because it’s  secreted in higher levels during the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response, and is responsible for several stress-related changes in the body including the retention of body fat.

Because if your planning to run away from an enemy or wild animal or fight back you need extra stored energy to keep you going.

Source of extra info: about.com

My hubby has just been given the green light to start cycling to work again or at least to start exercising the finger he broke whilst cycling to work!

Cycling is usually great exercise and a quick way to get around cities like the one we live in. Faster than walking but less impact on the joints that running it's a good one to try if you'd like to improve your cardio fitness whilst also saving the planet.

Get advice to choose the right bike for your size and where/how you want to cycle and make sure you wear a helmet. Whilst waiting for hubby in A&E every other person that came in had fallen off a bike (there was ice around and we are a cycling city) but all had helmets and a none had head injuries.

See you on the cycle path soon?

One of our macro-nutrient groups - carbohydrates.

Containing around 4 calories per gram they are the energy source of first choice for your body. Fats have more calories per gram but are more difficult to breakdown to release the energy.

Carbs get a bad press from many in the fitness and diet industry but what we're really saying is to avoid processed carbs such as:

Breakfast cereal

You see the carb content here is a little higher per gram and also these carbs are far easier to release and here's where the problem really lies with them. Your body breakdown the food and release the carbs aka sugar. Now sugar in concentrated quantities is poisonous and your body them releases a hormone to control this excess but converting the extra sugars into body fat and storing them safely away.

So, too many carbs can lead to you getting fatter even though the calories may not be as great as eating the same amount of fats. Get your carb energy from natural sources such as veggies - yes especially root veg and beans. These are released more slowly and don't have quite the same fattening effect. Veggies also have a fibre content and other nutrients that your bowl of pasta or jam sandwich does not.

Feeling low on energy?
Grab and apple and some water - not a coffee!