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A is for

10th Jan 2016

I started our 26 week 'journey' on 4 Jan - here's the first weeks worth of emails:
And so begins our A-Z of health and fitness! This week is the A week so by mid-June we'll get to Z!

Vitamin A
Needed for good vision both day and night  also important for growth and reproduction. We can get this vitamin in both animal and veg based foods - although the animal sources may be absorbed more easily.

Animal sources are fish, fish liver oils, animal liver, egg yolks, whole milk and butter. Veg sources (or scources of the precursors to vit A known as carotenoids) and green and yellow veg and fruit as well as green leafy veggies and peppers.

A lovely breakfast omelette with peppers and kale sounds like a good source to me - so I'm off to make one,

PS - Happy New Year!
Well, to talk about apples would be predictable now wouldn't it!

What are apricots good for?
Eye and skin health via their Vit C, E, zinc and copper. The apricot skin also contains Vit A and overall they have a high fibre content to help digestive health.

How can you eat them?
You can try them dried or fresh (where possible) but try to get sulphite free if eating dried. You can also eat the kernels - like little almonds, they can be found in many health food shops. The kernels also yeild and oil useful for salad dressings.

They work well in lamb stews or as a stuffing for pork or poultry too!

Core what a beauty!
Abdominal muscles - you've got six of them.
No not your 'six pack' - that's actually one muscle - the rectus abdominus, that one helps you bend forward and from side to side.

The side movement is helped by two groups of two muscles the external and internal obliques. These muscles also help to twist the torso.

The last one of the six is the deepest - the transversus abdominus. It doesn't help movement but is involved in breathing and holding in your internal organs. It wraps around the torso like a weights belt or corset stabilising the spine also.

If you're going to work these muscles make sure you work the ones in your back too - the ones that will work in opposition to these - we'll take about them in the 'B's next week of course.

And if you want your six-pack to show...focus on food first not 100's of crunches!


Want to know more?
You know where we are!
But not just the sad 1980's classes mind you!
Aerobic execise is cardio exercise - low to high intensity using the aerobic-energy systems. The ones that need oxygen to work.

You can use energy systems that don't require oxygen for short intense periods of exercise - eg sprinting or powerlifting. Eventually the by-products from these 'anaerobic'  system build up and cause cramps or the energy source just runs out and takes a while to restock.

The aerobic system can just keep going and going and going...think walking, jogging, cycling, long distance running.

Benefits of aerobic exercise include:
  • Strengthening the muscles involved in breathing
  • Strengthening and enlarging the heart, to improve its pumping efficiency
  • Improving circulation efficiency and reducing blood pressure

So, go walk skip and run!
It's good for you!

These two get a bad press. Yes they are full of fats. No they won't make you fat - unless you eat too many!

And you need fats in your diet - some vitamins can't be absorbed without fat to disolve in. Plus the fats in these two beauties are 'good fats'.

Want to try almonds and avocados together?:

Fat does not male you fat,