Coffee thats good for you?

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Coffee thats good for you?

22nd Jun 2015

Coffee is bad...isn't it?

In general yes it is.
OK so it might raise you alertness for a short while – that early morning or mid afternoon 'kick when you think you need it but afterwards you'll crash even lower.

Not only that, it has an acidic effect on your digestion causing interval stresses. Whilst your body is very good at getting rid of that acidity if you drink a lot of the stuff it may cause heartburn, digestive issues and even give you the jitters!

Now, I love coffee. I love the strong stuff – a double espresso will do me just fine thanks. But as well as the coffee crashes it also give a hot flush. So, until last month I've been limiting my coffee intake to the odd one per week whilst out with friends and made sure I was prepared for the aftermath.

Then a PT mate of mine (virtually) sidled up to me and did the 'pssst, have you tried this?' routine. I bought a months worth of coffee and tea from him to try – nothing ventured nothing gained I thought. It turned up a few days later and I tried my first cup of coffee...instant in sachets but when the water was added it had a crema like my favourite espresso. Great taste, no bitterness, no crash, no hot flush.

Could be a coincidence. So, later in the day I tried the tea. A bit weaker than my usual builders tea but as I was having it without milk that was actually a good thing. Again, no crashes, no hot flush. Out with friends at the weekend I just drank herbal (no caffeine) teas, only drinking my 'special' coffee at home.

A month on I've just gone back to real coffee and now I remember how bad the lows and highs were. I have ordered more of the special stuff as this trial has proved to me that it is the way to go for coffee lovers who don't want the downsides.

So what's in it?
Why is it different?

It has an extract of Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), commonly used in Eastern medicine and that's what makes all the difference. Whilst it's not for everyone, some don't like the taste and others suffer others side effects different from the caffeine induced ones I love it!

Link to benefits from coffee with this extract here:

If you're interested in a 30 day trial (there is a cost) or a few free samples simply email me at