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Motivation Vibrations

22nd Jun 2015

I completed a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session this morning.

It was gruelling and intense all the way through.

This was the first time I've trained at all after 4 weeks of compulsory resting a serious injury I sustained after being knocked off my pedal bike by a moving car.

I'm not seeking sympathy, trust me my I've been raised by my mum who's a nurse so sympathy has never been given to me even off my own mum.

What I'm emphasising is that I'm currently on my own personal fitness journey which is like starting from the beginning after 4 weeks of being a couch potato.

Motivation is what is getting me started with this fitness journey.

Goal setting and self-motivation helped me massively to focus on getting the routine completed this morning intensely and with great form.

I'm really lucky to be a self-motivated human being, that's due to me being passionate about my own health and fitness.

That passion is what inspired me to want to help others set goals, get motivation, lose weight, get fit and feel great about themselves.

That is what having your own personal trainer can provide.. Endless motivation by finding out what your fitness and health goals are, then keeping you focused on these goals throughout each workout and beyond.

Need your motivation vibrations raising?..

Give me a shout.. And get your FREE consultation booked so we can have a chat about your goals, what motivates you and how I can help you begin your own fitness journey!

Thank You for reading,

Strive for progress.. Not perfection!