Don't Judge a book by it's cover - Part 2

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Don't Judge a book by it's cover - Part 2

19th May 2015

Don't judge a book by it's cover - Part 2

I bought a book from Amazon and for some reason I ended up buying two of the same book from different sellers at the same time – oops!!

Wheat Belly – not an appetizing name for a book but when you read it you realise you may have one – wheat belly that is!

Following on from Part 1 this was the second book I read, which in a way, reinforced what the first book stated – where are the nutrients?

I now look at food in a different way in that rather then just reaching for 2 slices of bread and putting them in the toaster I now think what nutrient value has this food. I haven't eaten bread now for a few months, and those that know me know that bread was my staple diet – toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch no wonder I always felt hungry. Now I make it a priority to have protein at every meal and I include fats in my diet – not “low fat” either.
Trust me this hasn't been easy after a lifetime of “low fat is best” indoctrination but then the results show that what I am doing is working

So off the menu are – bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereal, low fat spreads, in fact low fat anything, potatoes

Old style menu – constantly feeling hungry
Breakfast – 2 slices brown toast and jam
Snack – banana and maybe even more toast
Lunch – Sandwich and yoghurt
Evening meal – pasta or rice dish

On the menu – red meat, eggs, avocado, smoked salmon, sweet potatoes butter, semi-skimmed milk (would have been whole milk but I'm just not keen on it), full fat Greek yoghurt, grated cauliflower (replaces rice) and any pasta is gluten free

New style menu – what's a hunger pang?
Breakfast* – eggs with smoked salmon or chicken avocado salad
Snack – handful of nuts if hungry
Lunch – home made soup or a salad
Evening meal – Meat and vegetables

* Breakfast can take a while to get your head round, but trust me, start thinking outside the box and a whole new breakfast world can be yours