Toilet Gags - Part 3

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Toilet Gags - Part 3

12th Nov 2014

In parts 1 and 2 I've been talking about race nutrition to ensure that you have few tummy trouble, here I look at before and after and some...

Pre-race Nutrition
If you think practising your racing nutrition is the only important thing you could be heading for a problem. What you eat before you start, before you need to use your gel/drink/banana is key too.

My pre-race nutrition starts in earnest on my first long run. Ensure that the breakfast for your long run is something that will not cause any stomach issues for you. Crucially, use that breakfast strategy on race day.

Staying at a hotel? Check the menu (and times!) and bring your own food if needed and you can e.g. I like a bowl of porridge before a run, if the hotel does not have porridge option I take instant porridge that can be made with just the kettle in my room.

Can't replicate your pre-long-run breakfast? Then change it so that you can! Nothing new, remember? Here's my strategy, develop and practise yours!

The day before my races I ensure that I am hydrated, I drink a lot of water (3-4 litres), this will mean that I start well hydrated as don't seem to be able to drink much before a race without taking yet another trick to the toilet queue.

The evening before I never have anything spicy and usually I love a good chilli or curry. I will often have a steak or meaty stew. I know that you'll be asking why not pasta? Well for me that would actually cause the problems I 'm trying to stop here although for many runners it is the staple pre-race meal. I also ensure that I have lots of veggies – plenty of vitamins to support the run and my later recovery.

I do also have one glass of red wine, I think that this helps me sleep (although I doubt that it is the case), it certainly stops me from worrying so much about the day to come.

Post-Race Nutrition
Does it matter you say? Well not as much as pre and during but it can really help your recovery if you eat the right things after the event.

Protein will help your muscles to recover more quickly (it's the building blocks of those cells). I plan to have (another!) nice steak after my next marathon and perhaps a few glasses of bubbly. Take it easy with the alcohol post race though as you may already be a little dehydrated and the drink will make it worse plus you may also get drunk more quickly!

Portaloo Avoidance strategies

OK – if all else fails and nerves get the better of you or the gels/drinks that you practised with still make you ill, there is always Imodium (or other products that have the same effect). I have to admit to taking this before most races. I urge you to be careful though, ensure that any drugs you take are safe for you and be aware that taking a product to stop you from 'going' may have a longer term effect than simply the day of the race.