Mindset - Part 1

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Mindset - Part 1

11th Nov 2014

What is yours?

How important is having the right mindset?

I have seen people focus on the training and nutrition aspect of their training, which by the way I think are both vital in achieving your desired fitness goals, but the one area I feel that people neglect in is developing a positive mindset and mental strength.

Carol Dweck famously discusses the uses and importance of a person's mindset. It is here she discovers the fixed and growth mindset and how having a growth mindset opens up a world of possibilities because people are willing to try new things, step outside of their comfort zone and act on a desire to make their best. 

Within the fitness world I have trained a variety of clients and it's very noticeable that those clients of mine who demonstrate a 'can do' attitude most certainly gain the best results. It is these types of people who develop their growth mindset, setting themselves goals and targets and striving for their absolute best.

Mindset has always been key for me, from  playing semi professional football. I can remember going into games having the belief we will win the game and you know what,  we would be sitting on the coach celebrating a win and 3 points.

I believe you can achieve something before actually doing by believing and thinking you can. I am not talking about ‘Will Power’, I am talking about developing  a growth mindset and  the belief you  can achieve your goal.