My Passion for fitness and exercise

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My Passion for fitness and exercise

05th Nov 2014

Early years...

All my life I've loved exercise and fitness, some would say that I am obsessed with it. From a young age, around 14yrs old, I used to go running before school and do numerous crunches and push ups after school. (Maybe I was obsessed?)

All I know is that I loved how it made me feel on the inside and look on the outside. It gave me confidence and I loved being outdoors so, going on my runs was enjoyable and it made me happy. This was my hobby, my interest, my passion.

It wasn't long before I got into boxing as I really loved the training aspects. I joined a local club, and was found to have talent. Spotted by the trainers whilst sparring in the ring, it was recommended that I turn amateur. I went on to have many competition fights and am happy to say that I won most of them.

Later years...

I have continued to exercise and keep fit throughout my adult life, enjoying a lot of running, swimming, cycling and various gym work including resistance training and cardio machines.

As exercise and fitness has always been such a big part of my life I decided why not make a career out of it? What could be better, doing a job that I love and am passionate about.

I enrolled on a personal trainer course which involved all aspects of fitness including diet and nutrition. I found the course to be enjoyable and interesting and it gave me the knowledge and skills needed to compliment my physical exercise abilities.


I am now working as a qualified personal trainer helping people to achieve their goals, it may be weight loss, fitness orientated, diet related or simply a lack of motivation. Whatever your requirements, anything fitness related, then I can help.

My advice to you is...

Exercise doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym or force yourself to do painful activities to experience the benefits of exercise. By simply adding just a little physical activity to your weekly routine can make a big difference.

Exercise offers many health benefits for example, aerobic activities like walking, running, cycling, and swimming strengthen your heart and increase your endurance.

Whatever your age or fitness level, even if you’ve never exercised before, you can find ways to add more movement into your life and start to feel and look better.