The conversation stopper...the S word!

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The conversation stopper...the S word!

16th Oct 2014

Conversation Killer

Eyes downcast, shuffling of feet and those mumbled words “I know I should but..........”
What on earth have I asked that would invoke such a response.

When I listen to the conversations of people talking about exercise there are frequent discussions of repetitions, interval training, miles run, best workouts for this and that, what their goals are and they can talk for hours on the subject but mention the “S” word and that's it – conversation over. What am I referring to... Stretching.

Stretching is part of your workout, dynamic stretching as you warm up prior to exercise and static stretching as part of your cool down.

Dynamic stretching is where you put your body through a range of movements during your warm up – so basically a stretch whilst moving.

In your cool down you perform static stretching, this is where you hold a stretch position for 15 – 20 seconds to be beneficial, should not be rushed (task not time) and definitely no bouncing.

Stretching before and after your workout helps increase your range of movement, flexibility and prevents injury.

So go on – try the conversation killer !