Diets Fad or Fix (Part 3)

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Diets Fad or Fix (Part 3)

15th Sep 2014

Diets- FAD or FIX? Part III

We have looked at 4 diets so far, the 5th one is below, the Juice diet. Have you tried any of these diet's if so what were your results?

Juice Diet
There are lots of different brands offering there own 'Juice Cleansing' diet. This is a diet where you would only consume fruit and vegetable juices. You can do it for a quick fix for a few days or for several weeks. This isn't an advisable diet as you abstain from key nutrients.

    • Quick fix for some quick results.
    • Easy way to consume your fruits and vegetables for your diet.
    • All natural ingredients.

    • Need to watch daily intake of vitamins and minerals.
    • Can cause muscle loss, and a decrease in metabolism.
    • Fruit and Vegetables are very expensive, especially in the quantities needed for juicing.

With all 'Diet's', you are cutting down on certain foods that your body requires to function which can also impact your daily activities and exercises programmes.

All these diets are great and I am sure that people have seen some great results however all you need to do is simply follow the points below and you will be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle getting all the nutrients you need;

    • What you do needs to be sustainable for the long term as apposed to a quick fix diet.
    • Use the food nutrition food labels to help you get the right foods, most are colour coded using the traffic light system to help you.
    • Cut down on processed foods as these are generally high in saturated fats. Make meals from scratch, they taste nicer and you know every ingredient that goes in.
    • Eat breakfast, eating a meal at the start of the day will give you more energy and help to stop you snacking till your next nutritious meal.
    • Preparation is key, have a read through my blog 'Healthy 9-5'.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure you speak to your GP before undergoing any diet that you are unsure about.