What's Green & Wrinkly and Helps You Lose Weight?

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What's Green & Wrinkly and Helps You Lose Weight?

27th Aug 2014

Do Or Not Do, There Is No Try....

You may have noticed that sugar keeps popping back in the news recently. It’s probably because, well, people are getting fatter, more diabetic and generally sicker. There is however, another problem. If you don’t read my stuff or follow regularly, I am one of a small percentage of people that has lost weight and kept it off. I have lost and kept off about 60 pounds. The most important thing I have done is get my “language” right. What do I mean by this? Well, bear with me folks!

Common sense would say that the usual advice to lose weight and stay healthy isn’t working. I base this on the fact that people are getting fatter and fatter. Now then, the problem is either that people aren’t listening or the advice is wrong. Based on this, I propose that a few simple tweaks in language and behaviour can help people make better choices. I mean, people don’t want to be fat? Right?

Let’s Get Jedi....

I am not going to present a “mind trick” here, that makes it sound like it’s magic. It’s not really. The challenge with weight loss starts by the number of options we have. The more options we have, the easier it is to blame the system and not look at ourselves. Do you want to know what I did in 2005 when I lost weight? I looked in the mirror. Yes I needed to find a diet and exercise plan that would help, but the truth was that the problem lay with me and my attitude. I promise if you fix your attitude, you fix the problem!

So how Johnny boy, how do I fix my attitude?

I can’t answer that for you.....sorry. It’s your process

What about Yoda? (Green & Wrinkly)

Do or not do? Well, I am sure you don’t need any more “fitness” quotes but what I tell you is this. Look at the words you use I mean like ALL THE TIME. Let’s give you an example....”I may do (fill in the blank)” See the problem? You aren’t committing to something. Let’s flip this on its head. Do you say “I may feed my kids” or “I may go to work” I hope not. In over nine years since I started losing weight, the one thing that is universal is COMMITMENT.

So how can you fix this? The best place to start is by focusing on things you “can” do. For example, if you think that you need to exercise 8 hours a week that may be a bit of a stretch. If, say, you started training 2 hours per week, this is a lot more manageable. Once you have a manageable target, COMMIT to it. Stop saying you “might” you “may” or you “plan to” Find something that you can stick to and write down a COMMITMENT that you will do this every day/week.

Get a ‘Commitment’ List

Pick a timescale like a week and then make a “commitment” list. Use the right words, at the top of the page write down....

THIS WEEK I COMMIT TO.... and then get out and do it!

See the problem is that words like “might” and “may” are very weakening words. They conjure up doubts and fears in the mind. You have to be strong with yourself and use powerful language to get things done. I promise that this strong committed language helps you become a better version of yourself. (See what I did there)

Conclusion & Learning Points

Thinking about trying yet another diet? If you are like most yo-yo diet people, you have probably tried them all. Maybe, just maybe, the problem lies in the way you think about yourself. Why do I think this? Because 95% of people that go on diets fail in the long term I, on the other hand, didn't. It wasn't magic folks, it was commitment Stop using weak words and get yourself committed to something. Watch the magic really happen!