Let's Go Outside!

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Let's Go Outside!

25th Aug 2014

Let's go outside.

Sang George Michael.

For me there's nothing better at this time of year then to exercise outdoors. I mean who wants to be stuck inside a hot sweaty gym, watching some meathead pose looking at his biceps in front of the mirror(don't laugh we've all seen them). Or even worse someone hasn't wiped their sweat from the machine or bench that you are about to use.

We are. In essence outdoor creatures, however did you know that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors! 

Shocking I know.

The human mind and body wasn't designed to spend this much time indoors, so get out there and enjoy.

As you have no doubt read or may have learnt at school, the best way to increase your Vitamin D levels is direct sunlight. The body needs Vitamin D as it is vital for the absorption of calcium.

Calcium of course provides strength to the bones and boosts your immune system.

All this for just going outside and being active.

I know some of you say "I need a gym, it's got all the equipment I need" I would say to you you could do some much more outside, the only limit is your imagination. Take the simple park bench for example, there are loads of different variations of exercises for the upper and lower body with this one item of park furniture.

I could go on but I'd rather you promise me that in the next week you will try at least one outside fitness session. I promise you, you will love it.

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