With a hop and a skip...

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With a hop and a skip...

04th Aug 2014

A few weeks ago I bought a skipping rope, thinking this is easy everyone can skip. Written on the side of the box were the words “12 minutes 3 x per week burns 650 calories” can't be bad I thought, that's less time than it takes to run 6 miles.

So, 40 seconds into it and I'm gasping away with a heart rate of 170 beats per minute, close to maximal heart rate (the most number of times your heart can beat in a minute at 100% intensity) But you're a Personal Trainer I hear you say, yes but we have to practice and put in the time and effort like everyone else when learning a new skill.

I needed a plan so decided on 60 seconds skip 60 seconds rest x 6 every other day for a week gradually building up to 60seconds skip/60 seconds rest x 12. It didn't take long and my heart rate soon stabilised to 140 -150 beats per minute (which is about 80% of maximal heart rate, also means you can skip for longer before getting tired) Next I'll gradually reduce the rest periods so I spend more time skipping and less time resting.

The thing with skipping is you buy a rope and you skip – cheap and convenient. No time I hear you say, go to the park with the kids take the rope and take it in turns to skip. By the time you get home everyone has had fun, exercised and burnt off some calories – no brainer if you ask me.