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What Exercise are you?

07th Jul 2014
What exercise are you?

All of those Facebook pages that get you to input your details and answer a few questions to tell you what car you should drive or what town you should live in or what character you are from the latest TV sensation got me thinking.What if there was a way of working out what exercise will be best for you?

Well in a way there is and it's in your hands, oh yes, I know that people will guide you to certain exercises/sports based on your body type or their preferences but only you can really decide. So how do you?

Try stuff – you fancy trying running? Do it! You want to have a go at CrossFit? Go along to a local club or class! If you don't try it first hand how will you know if YOU like it or not. Don't just take a friends word for it, you are not them.

Ask people – OK so this seems to be the opposite of what I've just said above but I'm not suggesting that you blindly do what your mates do just that they may point out things that you have never considered – like freediving or canoeing. You'll still need to try them yourself though!

Look for deals – when trying something new it can be a bit costly if you find that you don't like it so look for free introductory offers and 'Groupons'. If you're a member of a gym, classes are often free and if a class you want to try is not in a gym many class instructors will have a 'first session free' offer.

Don't be afraid to say no – Rather than being polite and saying you'll come back but not doing so, be honest, if you didn't like the sport/class/course don't do it and if asked tell the organiser/instructor why. They might be grateful to get some feedback especially if they are seeing lots of non-returners – and if they are not interested then perhaps you've made the right choice anyway!

Don't be afraid to go – If you've done the same class or sport for a long time but it's no longer interesting you then go find something else. All the money that you may have spent on 'gear' has already been spent you can't change that fact although you might be able to recover some of the costs it the equipment if it's in a saleable condition!

So don't be scared – get out there, after 18 years of distance running I'm thinking of sticking to weight training from next year and then I'm off to learn to ride a horse!