Heathly Eating 9-5

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Heathly Eating 9-5

01st Jul 2014

Healthy Eating on a 9-5

One of the most popular excuses I hear is that ‘It’s hard to eat healthily on a 9-5 job.’
Having worked in a 9-5 office job myself the simplest answer I found was ‘preparation’ whilst those around were eating fast, convenient food at a high cost I found my hard work and preparation gave me strength to support my health. Preparing each meal in my lunch box became the norm.
Some of the preparation methods I use to help me achieve my goals are;
  1. Cooking 2 days’ worth of food and sticking it in the fridge at home or at work. I can then re-heat if needed or eaten cold depending on the recipe and the resources available.
  2. Foods that are great for lunch include chicken, fish, vegetables, rice or a salad as they are quick to prepare and don’t need a microwave at the office.
  3. If you’re short of time then you could make extra for dinner and have the leftovers the next day. This saves time as you don’t have to cook a separate meal.
  4. Variety is key as salad is a great low cost lunch and depending on what you put in can be very tasty. Adding different ingredients each time keeps it exciting and give you something to look forward to. (try making your own dressing to keep the calories down)
Try some of these tactics as it's cheaper than buying lunch at lunchtime as when you’re hungry you will always head to the sweeter foods to satisfy your hunger cravings.

So drop the convenient burger or sausage sandwich and head to the kitchen to prepare your meals for a healthier diet and wallet. A diet is just as important as exercise.