How To Be Thin & Clever! Part Two

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How To Be Thin & Clever! Part Two

25th Jun 2014

EPA! EPA! (From the Simpsons Movie)

No not the environmental protection agency but the other side of the essential fats coin, EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid (yeah I know) EPA is an omega 3 fatty acid like DHA. EPA are known as the “least inflammatory” of the eicosaniods. STAY WITH ME!!! What I am going to do is show you how you can improve your health and even lose a few pounds by eating more sources of EPA.

If we look at some of healthiest people on Earth, they tend to be tribes that live very simply and eat only natural foods that are available. Many studies have been done on fish eating populations that have concluded these people have very little illness and also obesity rates.

One Key Question

What is more important health or weight loss? The problem we face is that most people sacrifice their health over weight loss. See you can lose weight by eating inflammatory foods and foods that potentially harm us. This is why some people out all the weight back on again. It’s because they are mal nourished. They may be eating enough but not eating enough nutrients. Key point here is that the body needs nutrients not food. Without the nutrients, you become ill and fat.

Fish and Fat Loss

To keep this really simple, EPA helps the body use more fat for energy. The main way this happens is by helping improve insulin sensitivity which basically means that your cells use more glucose for fuel. If you are more insulin resistant (like 70% of the population) you are more likely to store fat than burn it. Eating a high fat diet that includes fish reduces your insulin levels thus your fat storage. If you incorporate this with moderate exercise, you increase the fat burning ability of the body even more. Simply put, the more omega 3 fats you eat, you less likely you are to be overweight. In fact, more importantly, you become more of a “fat burner” than a “fat storer”

The most concentrated form of EPA comes from fish. I always recommend that people with weight loss goals incorporate fish or fish oil into their diet. Oily fish like mackerel, sardines, herring and salmon are great sources. Like I said, if you have a belief system about fish or allergy to shell fish, check out a high quality fish oil supplement like these

If you really can’t stomach any type of fish, you can use walnuts or walnut oil, flaxseeds or flaxseed oil or chia seeds. It is important that you try and incorporate some EPA in your diet and in at least two meals per day. Remember to start small and build up from there. I recommend starting with adding walnut oil to your salads or a drizzle over cooked vegetables. Adding ground flaxseed or chia to yogurts is another way.

Conclusion & Learning Points

When we were convinced that all fats are bad. This included fish and healthy fats like avocado. We have even reached a point where low fat cereals are being touted as better for you than avocado. The key to this is look at how close to nature the “fat” is. If it’s natural like avocado, then it must be better for you than something made in a factory. There are a couple of warnings here. Remember that certain fish can be higher in mercury than others. If you are pregnant for example, it may be worth researching your fat sources. I would consider a high quality fish oil supplement in this case as DHA (as mentioned in part one) How to be thin and clever, part one If you unsure or you may have an allergy, get tested first. You should find plenty of alternatives out there.