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Roll it away!

17th Jun 2014

3 things I said I'd never do – fly long haul, go to America and run another marathon.
So how did I find myself on a plane to Florida to take part in the Walt Disney Marathon, January this year.

Lets go back a few years. Fed up with running the same races over and over, my friend and I decided to go further afield. First up was Amsterdam. She fancied running the marathon I would run the half but became injured so I went along as support crew. We enjoyed ourselves so much we decided that this running abroad lark had to continue so the following year we ran the ½ marathon in Mallorca. The next challenge, for my mate, anyway, was the Goofy challenge (½ marathon Saturday, full marathon on Sunday) completely nuts if you ask me. So once more I said I'd go along in support and run the ½ with her. However when I came to register the ½ was sold out and you don't fly all that way just to run a 10k do you? So I registered for the marathon – eek!

My issue with training was not the distances run in training but how to get to the start line injury free and prevention is easier and cheaper than a cure. Having had calf injuries in the past, which put me out of action for weeks, I was determined not to get injured.

So what got me to the start line injury free - my new best friend the foam roller. I used it religiously after every workout/run I did on calves, quads, hamstrings and IT band.

The foam roller works by breaking up interwoven muscle fibres (known as myofascial release) and eases out those little niggles that could become big issues), relaxes tight muscles and reduces soreness. They are inexpensive, easy to use, light weight, portable (I took it to Florida with me) and they work. It's the best money you'll ever spend.

Our next challenge - that'll be Dopey – 5k,10k, ½ marathon and marathon run over 4 days and yes the foam roller will be coming with me !!