The Ice Cream Diet: Weight Loss Tips From Italy

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The Ice Cream Diet: Weight Loss Tips From Italy

09th Jun 2014

Why The Italians Are So God Damn Sexy!

Okay so I was supposed to be having a break in Rome recently. I couldn’t help myself but be a little observant about the Italians behaviour around food. See the Italians have one of the lowest obesity rates in Europe. In 2010, about 1 in 10 Italians were obese against about 1 in 4 in the UK. That is quite big difference in numbers.

I was initially a bit sceptical about this based on the amount of flour the Italians consume. When I was there, I lived on pizza and my favourite addiction ICE CREAM! (hence the title) I only put a pound on based on the fact I walked about 40 miles when I was there. So no, I won’t be recommending the ice cream diet unfortunately.

The Key Differences

I reckon there was three main things that made the biggest difference between the way the Italians behaved and the way people in the UK behave.

  1. No Snacking What I noticed in this large city was there wasn’t any snacking. What we tend to see in the UK is a culture of sweets, chocolate and crisp eating. I have regularly seen children eating chocolate and crisps at 8am in this Country on the way to school. There was none of that in Italy. If people were hungry they would eat enough food to satisfy them. I honestly did not see any mindless snacking from the Italians in three days. Just the US and English tourists
  2. No Adverts Now Rome was as commercial as any other city. It was buzzing and vibrant. There were bill boards and loads of bus stops. I did not see any cereal adverts or anything like that. In this Country, everywhere we look are “wholegrain” this and “sweet and nutritious” that. There were no visible bill boards or bus stops advertising cereals or any other type of supposed healthy food.
  3. No Energy Drinks I personally think this is massive. From what I could see, there were no real supermarket chains located in Rome. In Birmingham where I live, there are literally dozens of small supermarkets that all sell loads of energy drinks. These are quite cheap as well. A child can walk into a shop in this country and pay £1 for something that has pharmaceutical doses of caffeine and sugar in it. In Italy, I did see anyone drinking many full sugar soft drinks, let alone the absolutely lethal potions that we seem to consume over here.

Conclusion & Learning Points

I haven’t eaten much flour for the last eight weeks. In Rome I decided to have a blow out. In three days, I expected the pizza I ate to cause a reaction. That reaction was minimal. What this tells me is that the quality of ingredient in Italy was a lot better than it is here. These factors coupled with the three points mentioned above play a key role in the low obesity rate of the Italians. So, if you want to be as beautiful and thin as an Italian, I suggest avoiding crappy snacks, not falling for “wholegrain” advertising and avoiding energy drinks and you are all set! Bella!!!!