5 Tips to make running fun!

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5 Tips to make running fun!

08th May 2014

5 Top Tips To Making Running Fun!

  • Ditch your gadgets
  • Make it competitive
  • Run with friends
  • Pick an interesting Location
  • Listen to music

Ditch Gadgets
Everyone loves the latest high-tech mileage trackers, calorie counters, and heart rate monitors, it’s easy to get bogged down with the stats and it can make running feel a bit tedious. Every two weeks or so, try going for a tech free run to reconnect with your love of the movement. Sometimes runners can get too focused on the numbers, the pace, the time, the distance, and the calories. It takes the fun away and it will eventually turn you into a robot.

Using tracking devices can be important to your overall training plan however it’s equally important to allow yourself a few free runs to simply focus on the activity and on yourself. Take in each stride, observe your surroundings and just run for the fun of it.

Make it a race
Running on your own isn't always the most exciting or motivating workout. A simple solution is to chase something! If you're running roadside, race with a car, when you see a car coming, speed up until it passes you, it’s a great way to burn more calories. You can also time yourself while running to a certain spot or sprint home.

Run With a Friend or your dog!
Having other people around can help your workouts go by faster and make them more fun. If none of your friends are runners, find a group of people to run with, there are always plenty of running clubs around to sign up to.

Why not take your dog running with you. Dogs can be an enormous source of motivation, with the added benefit that both of you get that much needed exercise.

Run in different locations:
Boost the benefits of your run even more by taking it outdoors. Exercising in a natural environment can improve your mood and boost your self-esteem.

Running off road, through the woods is much more interesting, as well as more challenging!
Going out for a jog by the sea and taking in that fresh sea air is enough to make you want to run for longer.

Listen to Music
Music stimulates and motivates like nothing else! It has tremendous emotional and motivational power. It can help you to keep going when your legs are feeling heavy and inspires you to do what you never thought you could.

Music also relaxes your mind. It can transport you into the past or the future, or to the faraway lands that you always dreamed about. Music also adds fun to routines; it can make any routine fun. It could also make your warm up or cool down more fun before and after your runs.