Father Christmas, Darth Vader & Weight Loss

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Father Christmas, Darth Vader & Weight Loss

08th May 2014

The Power of Beliefs

Do you remember when you were a child and you believed in something or someone like Father Christmas (maybe you still do) anyway, did you notice what happened? You probably believed it that intensely that the fact that a flying sleight drove by magical reindeer didn’t strike you as odd. There are a couple of key points to made here about weight loss.

The first one is ability to use our imagination. I am a bit believer in the fact that we can “imagine” our way to anything. If you constantly think about something and imagine yourself doing it, then you give yourself a MASSIVE advantage in achieving it.

All the “tactics” you need to lose weight are available online or in very cheap books. The more people selling tactics, the more confused we get. The ability to think for yourself and actually imagine yourself doing something, you then have the complete package for achieving something.

Try it for a week and see how you get on!

The “dark” side of beliefs.

What they don’t teach you in “weight loss school” is the dark side of beliefs. What I specifically mean by this is other people’s beliefs. Going back to the example of Father Christmas, if someone believes something so strongly, logic seems to go out the window. This is exactly the same with weight loss. If someone believes that certain foods are okay even if there is a strong correlation that the food is making them ill.

It’s a bit like the heart disease paradox, we have been told to reduce our saturated fat consumption to reduce our risk of heart disease yet heart disease is getting worse while saturated fat consumption has dropped. This is a belief held by most people and was originally a strong belief by a man called Ancel Keys. His belief backed up with some loosely credible evidence led us to believe this theory. I have had stand up rows with educated people about fat consumption and actually showed them the history and evidence that totally contradicts the theory. This is how strong beliefs are. I remembered when I “believed” the theory on fat and then I remembered when I completely changed that belief. My weight and overall health has never been better.

I am Fat

If you, or anyone else, has a deep rooted belief that you will always be fat, then guess what? This belief may always keep you that way. See, the fact is, most people can be perfectly healthy and fit if they follow the right system. A lot of people have deep rooted beliefs that no matter what they try, they will always be fat. There is then the haters that convince you that you will always be fat also. This is because they don’t believe that you will be able to lose weight so they try and stop you from doing it. Beliefs are powerful things gang. Oh, get away from these people NOW!

Conclusion & Learning Points

Stage one, start imaging what you want to look like and feel like. See how powerful beliefs and imagination can be. Do it for about 5 minutes per day. See what happens. Next stage is to look at certain beliefs that you have that may be causing you problems (like low fat) and then do some research. See what beliefs have brought you here. Are they useful? If not, maybe time for a change....