When Weighing Yourself Every Day CAN Work!

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When Weighing Yourself Every Day CAN Work!

06th May 2014

Where The “Daily Weigh In” May Work

I had a weight loss goal a few weeks ago so I decided to weigh myself every day. I did this because I wanted to see how different behaviours affected my weight. I wanted to fix them straight away instead of waiting a week or even two.

Taking a step back, some fitness peeps will read this and freak out. I must admit, I used to be one of them to be honest. So who is “right” and who is “wrong” well actually, does there have to be a right and wrong? It’s a good question! Here is my two pence on this subject!

How To Separate Emotion & Logic .


The challenge comes with weighing yourself every day when there is too much emotion attached. People will literally have a good day or a bad day depending on what the scales say at the start of the day. I have seen this in action and it’s not a very effective strategy. The reason it’s not a very effective strategy is because most people can fluctuate day to day with weight. Now then, if peoples mood fluctuates with the weight, so will the normal stress responses. Guess what most people’s stress response is? That’s right, to eat! (and not eat healthy might I add) This then puts them back the next day when they weight themselves and the “cycle” starts again.


Here is where weighing yourself daily can work (in my opinion) When I had to lose weight for the London Marathon, I had to use an effective strategy which I wanted to measure daily. This was to see what impact certain food, certain behaviors and certain supplements did on a DAILY basis. As mentioned above, this enabled me to fix things straight away. The key word there is “fix” and to fix a problem, getting emotional about it doesn’t get it fixed. To fix something, you need to just, well, fix it.

The flip side to this coin is maintaining positive behaviors as well. See if you find that something works (like a table spoon of coconut oil and flax seed oil before bed) You can then implement that tactic the next day as well once you see a positive impact on your weight. You can see if you have the same impact the next day and so on.

KEY POINT This is not a permanent strategy in my book. It’s something that can be used to track your progress at tricky parts of the weight loss process. Once you have established effective habits, this process tends to quite easy. At the start, it’s important to know what is working and what isn’t.

Conclusion & Learning Points

I believe logic gives us freedom in the weight loss process. Yes we will get annoyed sometimes and maybe a bit emotional but running round like a headless chicken isn’t going to help. Having an effective strategy is the KEY to success in the weight loss game. If weighing yourself works and helps you assess behaviours then DO IT. Please don’t let any fitness professional’s ego to get in the way. This isn’t anyone else’s journey, it’s yours. So why not try keeping a daily log of activities and see this makes you feel.