What David Moyes & Weight Loss Have In Common

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What David Moyes & Weight Loss Have In Common

22nd Apr 2014

No, It’s Not About Football!

So with only a few games left of the 2013/2014 football season, the manager of Manchester United David Moyes has been sacked. There is a relevance here to fitness and weight loss which I will explain in a minute. If you don’t like or understand football, David Moyes replaced Alex Ferguson who had been the manager of Manchester United for 27 years and won everything in that time. David Moyes was given a six year contract which would have been worth millions. He was sacked after only 10 months in charge.

Here is the key question, how long do you give your weight loss plan time to work? There are so many options here, I want to talk about two possible schools of thought using the David Moyes example.

Not Long Enough?

In modern sport, managers aren’t given that much time. The money involved nowadays is incredible so I see why investors and club owners want immediate returns in the way of results. Does this sound familiar when it comes to weight loss plans? See, most weight loss plans work if they are given the time to. I believe one of the biggest reasons that only 5% or so of people that lose weight keep it off do so is because they stick things out.

The argument here then is that how do you expect to get results if you aren’t prepared to see things through? I personally started nine years ago and have been working at this ever since. The other issue is that not everyone loses weight at the same rate as everybody else. Some people lose inches, some people lose weight from their stomach and not their thighs and some people vice versa. This is where being patient is important as long as you are confident you are on the best plan for you. Which leads me nicely on to...

If something isn’t working, get rid of it

If we go to the David Moyes example, he was given the reins of a very big club with a lot of expectations. The issue was that the results were not good enough by the standards of a club like Manchester United. The flip side of the patience argument is that sometimes you have to concede that what you are doing isn’t working. See what happens is that a lot of people choose weight loss plans for ease or popularity but the system doesn’t work for them. A lot of people used the word “loyalty” when describing the David Moyes situation whereas in truth, what has loyalty got to do with results? The same applies to weight loss, just because you know the “instructor” or “trainer” shouldn’t mean you compromise your results.

Conclusion & Learning Points

As always, there isn’t one answer to this question. I will always say the same thing. When you start a weight loss or fitness journey, the most important thing is you know that what you are doing is getting a result of some kind. If things are taking longer than expected than the person you have trusted to help you should be able to tell you why things are taking time. If you not happy though, don’t be scared of being ruthless like Manchester United were.