Find Your Incredible: A London Marathon Story (Part Two)

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Find Your Incredible: A London Marathon Story (Part Two)

18th Apr 2014

It Was Only My Incredible!

Life goes on my friend. Nearly a week after the London Marathon and already people are getting bored of the stories (there is a marketing lesson in there folks) Anyway, one last point in relation to my experience. Like I said on Wednesday at my last weight loss talk, far too often do fitness professionals talk about how they “smashed” it and forget that the people we are tasked with helping are facing different challenges. This is a very important point and why I am writing this second article.

A few years ago, I was thinking about my own journey from an overweight and beer guzzling smoker to where I was. It dawned on me that there are certain “bucket list” things that fitness professionals should do. The London Marathon was one of those things. So for me that was “incredible” and at the point on April 13th when I finished the race, I felt incredible. I felt like I had done something that have pushed me to my physical and mental limits.

You Don’t Need To Run a Marathon To Be a Hero .

Now then, this the key point to this whole thing! You may want to write this down.....”incredible means different things to different people” Sounds obvious? Well may be not. See I love being a inspiration but HATE being worshipped as some sort of hero. See the thing is, when I started my journey, one day without bread was incredible, when I quit smoking one day without a cigarette was incredible. After nine years of hard work, running a marathon is now my incredible.

Another key point, you will have a different “incredible” to me. What I want you to do is sit down and think about something that you want to do that IN YOUR WORLD will be incredible. This could be running a mile, going a day without bread or biscuits or just going to one outdoor fitness session. See it’s quite easy to use “I couldn’t do what you do” as an excuse. No one is asking you to do what I do, this is your journey and you have to do what is right for you.

This is the problem with the “one size fits all” method of coaching. You are supposed to lose weight at the same rate as everyone else, you are supposed to be as fast or strong as everyone else or achieve what anybody else achieves. In reality this is NONSENSE! Your incredible is yours and I promise that when you do things that mean the world to YOU then it gives you inner strength that can push you on to achieve whatever goal you choose.

Conclusion & Learning Points

Key takeaway point, stop comparing yourself to others! Someone said to me after the London Marathon that I could have trained better so it didn’t hurt as much. Probably true, however I don’t care, this was my incredible. Listen to me very closely on this one, don’t compare a marathon to ONE DAY of achieving a certain goal. I promise that all I did when I started was do some pretty small yet incredible things on a daily basis. If you need to start with something that seems small but to you means the world then DO IT!!!! This is not about me or anyone else. This is YOURS. Now no more marathon talk, time for a new “incredible”