Find Your Incredible: A London Marathon Story (Part One)

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Find Your Incredible: A London Marathon Story (Part One)

17th Apr 2014

No pain, no gain!

While I hate that expression, on Sunday the 13th April at the Virgin London Marathon, I brought it to life! See on Sunday I completed my first marathon ever. It was an amazing experience and I make no apologies for talking about it. I have recently started some weight loss seminars and my experience of doing the marathon is a great teaching tool about learning what we are all capable of.

That is why I used the phrase “no pain, no gain” in reference to my marathon experience. Not because I was in excessive physical pain like a broken bone but because the burning in legs was virtually unbearable. So why am I telling you this? “Why” is the key word here as I will explain in this first article about my experience at the marathon.

I would have killed her....

I lost my Mom to cancer in February. I was running the marathon anyway but this made it even more important. I promised my Mom on he death bed that I would run it in less than four hours. I did it in 3 hours 59 minutes and 21 seconds. That was very close. See the thing is, some “fitness” people will tell you that they found it “okay” and that’s cool. I did not find it “okay” It was hotter than usual and crowded as hell! I trained well, I did the hard miles, lost some weight and ate the right things. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened that day. It was really, really and really hard. In fact, I got to the point where at the end I joked “If Mom wasn’t already dead I would have killed her”

So What Was The Difference?

Here is what happened, I got to about mile 13 at 1 hour and 55 minutes which meant I was right on schedule for under four hours. This is when the “wheels” started to come off. I remember hitting the concrete jungle that is the financial district at 16/17 miles and the “wall” got me good and proper. That next 4 miles in particular were brutal at a level I can’t explain.

I had a picture of my Mom in my back pocket and at 16 miles that came out and I gripped it for dear life. I kept it in my hand all the way until the end. That was my “why” I kept saying all the way back “you promised her” and that is what got me home (just) This is the key point, that was my “why” and that is what got the job done. So while it was an incredible achievement, all I did was use a strong reason to get the job done.

Conclusion & Learning Points

I had a reason to get me across that line. When most people lose weight, they approach it without a strong vision and goal in mind. They do it because they hate themselves or because they want to impress someone. I had a “why” to run that bloody marathon and a promise that I kept. I am not super human or some natural athlete. I was overweight for 20 years of my life. I used to smoke and drink and eat what I wanted. I did this because I had a reason to. That’s the point I want you to take away from this piece. Whether it’s your family, your health or a cause bigger than you, having a “why” will mean you can bear any “how” Without a reason that excites and powers you, this process is very difficult. No one can help you find a “why” but I can tell you that it’s important. If you find this, you can do incredible things, just like I did. You have a different “incredible” more on this in part two.....