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Everyone's an Expert

16th Apr 2014

Everyone’s an Expert

Health and fitness seems to be one of the fields where everyone is an expert. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best diet, the best workout programme, and what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

A few of the clients I train with have mentioned this to me recently. They have friends or colleagues making comments like ‘THIS is what you should be doing…’ or ‘THIS is the diet you should be on…’.

If it’s working for them…great! Good luck to them. That doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

Everyone is different. Some people tolerate carbohydrates or dairy better than others. Some people may adapt quickly to new training stimuli, others not so.

With the amount of information and coverage health and weight loss gets in the media, it’s hardly surprising that everyone has an opinion. Information from one source may completely contradict information from another, even though both sources are trying to support the same outcome; weight loss.

The issue is however, that we then suffer from analysis paralysis. We have so many programmes, products, and conflicting information available to us that we struggle to commit to anything solid. We then get attracted to the quickest or easiest option, instead of considering our long-term health or the longevity of the plan.

As more and more people look for the quick fix, more and more people will try to sell the quick fix. You don’t have to be on social media long before you’ll see someone selling a magic product that will help you lose 2 stone before midday (maybe a slight exaggeration!).

Back on topic.

Your goal is your goal. You’ll reach it with a targeted plan that suits you, not your neighbour’s auntie!

Consider both your overall health, and how sustainable the plan is. Seek help from a Professional if you need to. Once you’ve found your plan, stick to it. Narrow your focus and try to ignore outside sources. The more you listen and apply information from outside sources, the less chance you’re giving to the original plan to actually do it’s job. You’re diluting the effectiveness of your plan.

Find your programme, trust your programme, and be consistent in the implementation of your programme.