No One Can Run a Marathon For You...

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No One Can Run a Marathon For You...

10th Apr 2014

The Greatest Motivation Of Them All

I am doing the London Marathon this year! I am very excited indeed. I always wanted to do it ever since I became a fitness professional. For me it’s kind of one of those “bucket list” things that fitness professionals should do. It will mean the world to me to complete it. It has been made even more important as I lost my Mother in February to cancer, I promised her that I would get it done in less than four hours so I have to go and do it now. This is a great motivation.

It’s not the reason I am writing this blog today though. This is a powerful motivation but something else happened this week that made me think about motivation and why we perform.

No One Can Run a Marathon For You

Sounds obvious but I feel in today’s public World, we tend to have to seek validation for everything we do. Social media in particular has changed the game on communication and people now reach out by updating their status rather than actually facing the issues. Exercise is the same. Telling everyone how of a drag training for the marathon is on Facebook is not getting it done any quicker. The marathon won’t run itself and I won’t get under four hours by telling everyone. I have got to run the bloody thing.

See no one can achieve your goals for you. You can find the support but in the end, this is all on you. It’s the standard that you set yourself that matters and the accountability you give yourself that drives you forward. I can’t really explain this but I know when I am out running and I have promised myself that I will run a certain distance, if I then try and run a shorter distance, I shout at myself in my head! It’s like I am my own personal trainer!

I learnt something very important at one of my weight loss groups. We were talking about the standards we set ourselves and that you don’t need to make a fuss as long as you know that you have achieved something. This is all on you. Every bit of it depends on you and what YOU do. Yes it’s great to have a why and do for others but in the end, the sense of satisfaction you get from doing something you never thought you could is incredible.


If you ever think that you can change someone’s opinion of you then you are wrong. All you can do is make you the best version of you and then people like you will find you. If you constantly do things to impress other people then you will be disappointed when you find out that they are only really concerned with their own lives. Placing all your hopes and dreams on the decisions of someone else is a tricky game to play. This is your life and your journey. Live it anyway you damn please and keep quiet for a bit. See how you perform when no one is watching. That’s what counts in the end.