Do You Have Any Spare Change?

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Do You Have Any Spare Change?

01st Apr 2014

The “None Sexy” Guide To Weight Loss

If you are one of those people that has tried to lose weight, and when I say tried, I mean tried and failed, there seems to be one over arching factor. No it’s not the diet or even the exercise it’s the process of change. Now, you don’t see many glossy magazines talking about “change” or the stages of change because this wouldn’t make you grab them off the shelves. The truth is though anyone who has lost weight and kept it off (like me) worked harder on the process of change than the actual diet or exercise (whether they knew it or not)

There are some lucky ones who change their behaviour and then the change follows, however, most of us have to look at ourselves before we even put our trainers on or stock up on celery. Here is stage one

Are you ready to change?

If I put my NLP head on for a minute one key skill it teaches is to look at what people do and not what they say. Now then, when we look at whether we are ready to change, it’s what we do that makes the difference. Sounds obvious right? Not so! How many times have you seen people (or you may have done this yourself) say they want to lose weight and are knee deep in cake or takeaway before you know it. This isn’t because there is something wrong with you/them, this is probably because you are not ready to change.

Another way to consider this to focus on the pain of change versus the pain of staying the same. Sometimes, things are not as bad as we think they are so we think “sod it, I will carry on eating biscuits” This is until things get really bad and we decide that enough is enough and change is due. This is sometimes a bit late and we are in a GP’s surgery when we hear the news!

Change & That “One Thing”

As you sit there reading this, it’s quite warm and sunny outside. This is a perfect opportunity to start thinking about getting in shape. Now, working on the fore mentioned point about change, is the Spring time enough to make us change? Doubtful! So what is a reason to change and stop you heroically demolishing the hob nobs?? Here is some advice. Focus on one thing that makes you want to change.

People tend to focus on too much at once. They want to lose weight, start exercising, fit into better clothes, impress the man or woman, eat better etc etc. Look, remember that you get over whelmed, chances are you will default back to your usual behaviour which, for most people, is eating. Take some time and have a think about one compelling reason to do what you need to do and then focus on that. If you need to eat breakfast, do it! If you need to avoid certain people, do it! You get the idea. Find the one thing that makes the difference and then focus on that. Once that is done, more on to something else.


Are you really ready to change? Are things that bad? This is the first place to start. There is no point getting stressed over something that deep down in your heart of hearts, you don’t want to change. If you don’t really want to change, you will quickly move back to whatever behaviour brought you where you are in the first place. If you like to eat or drink certain things, can you work around them? If not, how can you manage them in order to help achieve your goals? I will cover strategy later but now, question one is “how bad is it?” answer this and we find out how ready you are to change.